Wednesday, March 12

Monday, November 26


Tuesday, November 20

Thursday, November 1

My friend Naturalkinds and I plan to start up our
comic, Semantic Bleaching again.
I think this is how the two characters will look.
Suggestions? Criticism?

Wednesday, October 10

Tuesday, October 9

Its a redo day!


Tuesday, October 2

I've decided to start submitting drawings to
threadless. if you haven't been, click here.
I am sold on there business model
and blown away by the site design too.

We'll see how I do. If I pass the initial
submission review, the designs are then
voted by anybody who visits there site kind
of like what Hot or Not once was.
Click on the right hand column to view
my pending submissions. Gawd! I hope one at
least makes it past the initial screening
otherwise I'll have low self esteem all week
(insert emoticon here)